Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Curriculum Night!

It will be great to meet everyone from 6:00 to 6:30 in the LMC tonight!  Hope to see everyone there!
Coach K

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hoops Hoops!!

So, for 2 weeks we honed our skills with the basketball....we talked about the history of the sport, how it evolved, the different sizes of the balls, and techniques to be successful.  Kids worked on dribbling with BOTH hands, not just favoring the dominant hand....AND we worked on shooting stance and form.  Some classes played 4 team shootout while others played super-knockout.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Have a little HEART!!

The Heart Course is here!!  I have so many student come back to visit and ask if we still do this unit....they LOVED it!  Students play "red blood cells" in the body carrying Oxygen or Waste thru the heart which is spread out over the floor.  Red means they have Oxygen and Blue means they are carrying waste.  Students navigate around an obstacle course in a slow, medium and fast manner....much like our hearts to simulate different activities.  Then, students check their heart rate to see if they are in the target zone.

Trick Or Treat Time!!!

So, in prep for the halloween season we played a week of "ARMY/NAVY" or "Simon Says", but with halloween words!  Students would act out "Dracula", "Bat", "Haunted House" and so forth as quickly as possible.  Some moves they did alone while other required 2-3 people to complete!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Challenge Activities

Challenge Anyone?

So...kiddos were working on Challenge activities next with a whole class objective to solve puzzles.  The fist of which was "shipwreck" in which students must get their whole class on tires (lifeboats) before the 10 minute time limit ran out.  Some classes did it in under a MINUTE!!
Top times:
3rd grade
:37 Gillespie
:39 Danley/Redmon
4th grade
:37 Wenzel
:35 Sullivan
:38 Wenzel
5th grade
:36 Lamich
:43 Lambert
1:09 Kuhl/Carey
Then we moved on to the river crossing.....classes were challenged to get "across" the raging river before winter fell. They had limited resources and could not touch the gym floor!!!
Top times are:
7:56 Proffitt 3rd
4:08 Sullivan 4th
1:16 Kuehl/Carey 1:16

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Heart of Gold Nomination

This year Westgate again nominated Dave Flanagan for the Arlington Heights Heart of Gold award for "volunteer of the year."  Fingers crossed for a win.  This is Dave's 11th year volunteering at Westgate School!!

Walk to school day

Wednesday October 10th was National "Walk to School" day and the Westgate community came out in style!  We had hundred of people walk to school and we even had celebrity walkers on 4 separate routes all converge on Westgate right before school began!

Soccer skills

For the last few weeks we have been working on soccer skills including passing, shooting, and dribbling the ball.  Unfortunately we have had temps form 84 degrees to 38 degrees and getting outside was a chore.  On top of that, battling wet grass and such proved we moved inside for some dodgeball soccer....multiball soccer with 2 goals at each end!  How cool is that?

Sight Words

1st and 2nd grade kiddos have been working on their sight words in PE class by finding the word, saying it....then running around the gym finding all the letters and spelling out the words.  Here are some pics of the kids finding the words and running out the letters.

Track and Field

Well, actually, just track, no jumping and discus events!  This year kids are working on setting goals, trying to beat their previous times in the 50,100 relays and mile.  K-2 students run the 3/5 of a mile while 3,4,5 run the whole mile.  The field was a bit torn up, and new sod was laid down, so trying to navigate was a bit difficult.  I also had to mark out a new course for the mile, but in the all worked out!

Orange ruler

This year the PTA is doing the Orange ruler running event to raise $ for the PTA funds!  Check out the assembly in the gym!  How cool is that?  Students learn that they always "measure up!"

Rolling Meadows Westgate night

What a great time at the Westgate School night at Rolling Meadows High school.  The kids had a blast running through the "Mustang" last year,  ran all the way to the end  Dave Flanagan was on hand along with a BUNCH of Westgate students!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Double classes

This year, we have a few double classes in the gym at the same time.  Luckily, the Westgate students can be good leaders and show their knowledge of PE with their younger partners!  Check out Mrs. Carney's helping out some K classes!

Fitness Testing!!

So, we are working on fitness testing for the next 3 weeks.  The 3rd,4th, and 5th grade students have scores recorded for the state of IL, BUT it does not count towards their PE grades.
K, 1st, and 2nd grade students "practice" the tests for fun and so they get used to them!
For cardio we run the PACER test, for strength and endurance we do the sit-up (curl-up) and push-up test and for flex we do the sit-reach.
Hopefully next week, the rain blows thru and we can get some running events in for our fall track unit!
Coach K