Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pin Knockdown

Working on Overhand throw, underhand throw, bowling and "bounce shots."  Two teams of kids try to knock out each other by "knocking over pins" on the opposite side of the gym.  Teams start with 10-12 bowling pins and CAN shoot hoops to get one pin back at a time.  Switching from offense to defense is an important Team skill to have!!

March madness

So for a couple of weeks we worked on dribbling, shooting, Lightning knockout, superknockout all in preparation for MARCH MADNESS.  I had Kentucky picked, and was not correct, but how about Loyola!!  Way to go guys!

For St. Patty's day

There is a story behind this photo.....
Ask Coach K how he can

Friday, March 9, 2018

Ship going down!!!!

So, this week 3-5 grade kids have been trying to work together as a team to "Save" all the class by loading them on the lifeboats as quickly as possible....first they have 5 lifeboats, then 4, then 3 lifeboats!!
Great job guys, I think Jensens class had the fastest time with 5 tires and 4 tires.  Hyneks class had the record for 3 tires total!

Parachute time

Kids got an opportunity to work as a whole TEAM to manipulate the parachute into mushrooms, popcorn poppers and a launcher!  We also learned about hear making things lift or rise and cooler air makes things drop or go lower.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Basic Body Skills

These last few weeks we have been working on basic body skills like tumbling, balance, strength training and flexibility.  Students are using the rope, wall, balance beams, tumbling mats and the vault!  Balance is an essential skill for all sport AND is always changing due to student physical growth!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Daniel Diffy Speed Stacker!!

So Westgate had the US team member of speed stacks come by and teach kids some new moves, demonstrate his skills, and talk about the competitive sport of speed stacking.
We covered the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, and the cycle.  I'm pretty good with the stacks, but Dan is 2 times Faster than my best score!!!  We also played a bunch of cardio/team/relay games using the cups (dan brought some larger cups too.) . Thanks again for a great time!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Use the force!!!

Out theme this year is Star Wars (how cool is that) and I want everyone to use the power of the force for good!  I will be posting here this year more frequently as to what is happening in PE with the grade levels.  Please remember to try and wear gym shoes on days you have class...also, you should have sneakers for recess on days you do not have gym.

Where did the summer go?

So, Summer seemed shorter than ever this year, I sure hope everyone got out and had some "play time" doing what they love to do!  My family made our annual trip to the family cabin in Minnesota and Fynn was able to ride his dirt bike SOLO AND shift gears....Emma was able to get up on the plywood board and waterski while standing up!!  We had a blast, good times and fishing was great (no muskie for Emma yet, but working on it.)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fynn's 51 inch Muskie

Lets get this party started!!!!

WELCOME back Wolverines to another fantastic start to our year.   I had a great summer of activities and my son caught his first muskie...thing is, it was bigger than him so I had to hold it for the photo.  I also worked at a machine shop and did planning and curriculum work over the summer at school.  While I was at school I made it a priority to work out each day for an hour!
This year we will have Mr. Helmann and Mrs. LaRoe teaching PE at Westgate along with assistants, helpers, adapted PE and mr. Flanagan - my helper (This is his 10 year helping at Westgate!!)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 track meet video!!

5th Grade Track Meet

Congrats to all the elem schools for participating in the "All District - 5th Grade Track Meet."
Kids were seeded to race vs. kids from other schools with very similar times.  The events were the mile, 50, 100, 200, and relay races.  It was so much fun and really cool to cheer on all the schools.  Lots of kids broke personal records yesterday!!


Got some new spikeball rings with the jumprope for heart are doing much better than I am with it.  We start by just catching the ball, then progress to spikes, and finally 2 vs 2 teamplay.

Fitness stations!

Running some fitness stations while the weather is too wet....we have weights, exercise bands, climbing wall, jumping ropes, wii dance, boxing, running AND spikeball.