Monday, April 22, 2013

Mission Impossible 2

The times are in for Mission Impossible 2...
The top scores for each grade level are:
1st grade  =  Carney 8:44
1/2 multi  =  Kleist 4:26
2nd grade =  Goldstein 5:36
3rd grade  =  Jensen 5:45
4th grade  =  Stella 3:45
4/5 multi  =  Nelms 4:32
Fastest time in the whole school = Mrs. Stella's class with a time of 3:45!!  Great job and awesome teamwork guys!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mission Impossible 2

This week kids are working together to finish mission impossible #2 as quickly as possible.  Kids have to kick, throw and roll dodge balls to knock over pins, shoot through hula hoops and roll across PVC pipes.  Students also have to pass through a hula hoop and construct a "hula hut" to climb through.  Check for "Top Times" from all grade levels soon!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5th Grade Track Meet!!

Permission slips went out for the 5th grade track meet this week.  The meet will be held at South Middle School on Thursday May 9th.  This is open to all 5th grade students.  Please fill out the permission slip along with races desired.  You can run 2 events AND run one relay.  Any questions, stop by the PE office.  Thanks,
Coach K

Final Club K dates!!

These are the final Club K dates for the end of the year:
April 2nd,4th,9th,11th,16th,18th,23rd,25th,30th. 
May 2nd,7th.
Thanks for participating!
Coach K

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mission Impossible

Kids worked together this week to solve a mission as a team.  They had to knock out a security grid, disable a power generator, disable the computer firewall and then disarm the laser security system.  The fastest times are listed below for each grade level.  I made multi-age classes their "own" grade level:
1st:  Carney- 6:05
1/2   Gattuso - 5:39
2nd  Wenzel/Zap - 4:01
3rd   LaFalce - 4:30
4th   Darby - 4:06
4/5   Kent - 2:59
5th   Solarz - 3:52