Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mile run makeup

We did the mile run/makeup yesterday and had a bunch of kids run to improve their times...improve they did...Tyler W. broke the fall school record for this school year with a 6:22 below are getting amped up for the run!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Heart Course Next Two Weeks

For the next two weeks the students will be learning about our most important muscle, the HEART!!  We have a "Heart Course" setup in the gym where the kids are red blood cells carrying oxygern or waste...they travel the heart delivering these objects and changing color as they pass thru the lungs.

Trick or Treat Time!!

The week of Halloween, we play "Trick or Treat" a LISTENING game where students perform various moves to Halloween items, costumes, characters, etc.  Some examples are mummy, bat, chain lightning, ghost, witch, haunted house, etc.  Here we have mummy, scary movie and pumpkin!

More Mile Run Photos

More mile run shots, Mr. Tombs, Mr. Flanagan helping out and Dr. Bein rocking to a new mile run record!!

Mile Run Today

Today we will have a mile run make-up.  Students will meet AFTER school in the gym.  We will run from 3:35-4:00.  At 4:00pm we will walk outside the main doors.