Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Conferences

If you would like a conference with me (Coach Helmann will be at Greenbrier, we can setup a phone conference) please contact me at to schedule an appointment.  I will be available:
Monday 25th-
Tuesday 26th-
Thanks, Coach K

The Heart, the HEART!!!

For the next couple of weeks we will do the "Heart Course" in PE class.  Kids will become red blood cells and transport oxygen and waste around the body.  Kids will also learn how to use the heart rate monitors, learn about their hearts, and why exercise is so important to take care of them!

Trick or Treat Time!!

During Halloween, kids play a listening game called "Trick or Treat," where students perform various moves for items like Bat, Mummy, Goblin, Haunted House, and even Coach K!  Kids had a great time, and worked on their listening skills.

Jump Rope + Chinese Jump Ropes

We have been working on basic jumping with a single rope, and will include double rope in the future.  Jump ropes are an inexpensive "toy" that kids can use to get a GREAT workout.  They can jump alone or with friends.

Floor Hockey!!

Kids have been playing floor hockey in PE class AND got to use the Chicago Wolves Jerseys donated by the Chicago Wolves Hockey team!!  Soon, we will get certificates and even a free ticket to a game!
Thanks Wolves!!