Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jump rope!!

This week we have been working with single and double ropes!  Jumping rope is an excellent winter activity that really gets your heart rate up, requires limited space and costs 5-10 bucks for a great rope!!  Beginners laid the rope down and jumped over it while more advanced users were team jumping and working with the double ropes, etc.  Younger kids begin with jumping a rope on the floor and move up to twirling and jumping at the same time.


Kids had a blast this shortened week with a great throwing game called "firefighter."  Two teams of kids throw balls at the "fireballs" (beach balls) and try to knock them across the cones to score points.  Kids worked on throwing overhand, underhand, and bowling...AND were able to improve soccer skills when kicking "water droplets" back to team members.  Fun game!!  Fun times!!

Bowling first weeks of the New Year!!!

First few weeks of the new year we are bowling!!  Kids will use rubber balls to knock down plastic bowling pins.  The lanes are carpet and rolled out to provide the "surface" to bowl on.  The second week of bowling kids are treated with "cosmic" laser lights and Wacky pins where kids can setup the pins in letters, numbers, or shapes!!  Bowling is a lifetime sport that kids can get into early and even compete!!

B-Ball time!!

Before Holiday break, we worked on Basketball skills like dribbling, shooting, lay-ups, etc.  Because of lack of space, we generally don't play full scale games, but work on mini-games like 4 team shoot-out, knockout and super knockout.  Best thing about B-ball is I have enough equipment for each kid to have their own ball all the time!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Coach K