Tuesday, March 12, 2013


From now until Spring break we will be working on our gymnastics unit in PE class.  This is a great time to really work on body balance on the floor and beam while also developing strength on the climbing wall and rope.

Speed Stack Attack!!

Recently, students were able to compete in Speed Stack competitions like the 3-3-3 the 3-6-3 and even some 6-6's.  Students used fine motor skills and eye hand coordination to quickly stack up the cups, then go back to the beginning and stack them down as quickly as possible.  We had 4 tournament timers and some classes participated in a ladder tournament.

Chicago Wolves Floor Hockey!!

Once again, Westgate School would like to thank the Chicago Wolves for providing us with Jerseys for floor hockey.  Each Student also received a certificate of completion which also allowed them to attend a home game for free!!  Thanks again WOLVES!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tanita Program Suspended

Currently, all goal setting using the Tanita scale reading will be suspended at Westgate.  There is merit to the program, however, the school and district will review any future investment.  Let’s remind children to stay active and eat healthy!
Coach K