Monday, December 7, 2015

More Hockey pics...

Floor Hockey!!

Next few weeks we will be playing floor Hockey in PE class.  The chicago wolves we generous enough to provide us with jerseys AND certificates.  Attached to the certificate is a pass for one free ticket to a home game!  Thank you WOLVES!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mile run makeup

We did the mile run/makeup yesterday and had a bunch of kids run to improve their times...improve they did...Tyler W. broke the fall school record for this school year with a 6:22 below are getting amped up for the run!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Heart Course Next Two Weeks

For the next two weeks the students will be learning about our most important muscle, the HEART!!  We have a "Heart Course" setup in the gym where the kids are red blood cells carrying oxygern or waste...they travel the heart delivering these objects and changing color as they pass thru the lungs.

Trick or Treat Time!!

The week of Halloween, we play "Trick or Treat" a LISTENING game where students perform various moves to Halloween items, costumes, characters, etc.  Some examples are mummy, bat, chain lightning, ghost, witch, haunted house, etc.  Here we have mummy, scary movie and pumpkin!

More Mile Run Photos

More mile run shots, Mr. Tombs, Mr. Flanagan helping out and Dr. Bein rocking to a new mile run record!!

Mile Run Today

Today we will have a mile run make-up.  Students will meet AFTER school in the gym.  We will run from 3:35-4:00.  At 4:00pm we will walk outside the main doors.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mile run!!

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are running the mile in PE class.  Younger kids run 3/5 of a mile, so check you kids hands to see their times.  I use dry erase markers so it washes off easily!!
ALSO, Dr. Bein stopped by to RUN with Mr. Tombs class!!  She also talked about how she is getting better and doing practice runs to build up her endurance.  How cool!

Running the 100

100 yards, or 300 feet can be taxing on our "fast" try to blast as quickly as they can the length of a football field while trying NOT to run out for fuel.  On the second run, students are expected to pair up with someone with a time close to theirs.  Many kids improved!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Student Run Assembly

We had a nice Student Assembly on Wednesday the 30th.  The students talked to all of Westgate about proper manners during an assembly.  Way to go!!

Meadows Football Game

The kids had a blast running out of the Mustang tunnel on Friday night!  The players were great, giving all the Westgate kids a high five!  The football players also came to Westgate to read to the classrooms.  Awesome job!

Track and Field

For the next few weeks kids will be working on Track events (as we have no Field equipment.)  Kids will woe to improve their 50, 100, relay and mile times.  We will most likely have a Mile day after school for kids to try and improve their time if they want.  Keep posted for the actual date and time!  Top 2 boys and girls get their names on the board in the gym.  Most improved so far is almost 3 seconds faster from the first run to their final run!!  Way to go!!
Coach K

Soccer - Eye + Foot Coord

So we started playing "soccer games" like pin knockdown using dodge balls and soccer outside.  Kids were working on not using their hands AND using both sides of the body - Left and Right.  I am working mostly on my left side as I favored my right side all the time.

The Frost Wizards...

O.k. so I took a spin off the regular "freeze tag" game and developed "Frost Wizards" - Same thing with a story to go with it...for some reason kids love it and can't get enough!!

Disc Golf Helpers!!!

While working with the younger classes, some PROACTIVE Leaders asked if they could come over during their recess time to help the kids out!!!  Way to go, What a WIN WIN!

Disc Golf

Well in early September we were working on DISC golf (can't say frisbee because it is patented).  Kids learn "how" a disc works, how "less is better" (when shooting to get it in the basket) and about taking turns.  We also learned how to try and keep the disc parallel to the ground and approximate distances.  Many students had a "hole in one" and got their names on the wipe board in the gym.

Look who I found...

So while going to school one morning, I was walking with my kids to get in the car.  I heard some whimpering and something like a squirrel?  My daughter said to find out what it was, so I opened up the dumpster and "HELLO GUYS!"  I am finding 6 baby raccoons who went dumpster diving and couldn't get out.  So, I got a long piece of wood and all climbed to safety.

Class photos

Each year I take a class photo to post on the wall of fame...check out a few "silly ones."  Stop by the gym to see all the classes posted!

Gym Shoes PLEASE!!

With the start of each year, we have a lot of foot related injuries and most come from "fancy footwear" like heels, sandals, crocks, etc.  If you child is wearing fancy shoes please pack some gym shoes in their bag for either recess or PE class.  Everyday (weather permitting) kids will have some physical activity time outdoors and proper footwear keeps our kids safe!!
Thanks for being Proactive (habit number one)!!
Coach K

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School bells ringing, Children singing...Back to School Again

Holy smokes, what a summer...did some fishing, drove a dune buggy, went to the pool, boating, tubing, reading, and a lot of work.  After my summer school class of r/c car racing (which was 3 weeks), I spent most of my time working at a machine shop over the summer.  I learned how to cut,grind, and shape metals and plastics.  Pretty cool stuff.  I also took a 10 day trip to Minnesota with my family and had a great time playing in the north woods!  I was Very active all summer and hope to see everyone on Thursday morning!!  I can't wait, I miss being in the gym and seeing all your smiling faces!
Coach K

Friday, May 22, 2015

5th Grade track Meet

Check out the video of the 5th grade track meet below!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Field day is coming!!!

Field Day Volunteers – Volunteers are needed for Westgate’s Field Day on Friday, June 5th.  Come join the fun!  There are morning and afternoon shifts.  If you have any questions, please contact Coach K at  Sign up for a shift via this SignUp Genius -

Friday, May 8, 2015

Field Day

Field Day will be Friday June 5th with the rain date of Monday June 8th.
A signup genius will be created soon to allow parents to signup and help run this special day for kids!

Jump Rope For Heart

Jump rope for heart is coming to Westgate!!  Kids will be running the classes in PE the week of May 18th to the 21st.  Kids get sponsored and collect donations for the jump rope week and help save lives...all while working out and getting healthy themselves!!
Westgate is on track to reaching our goal of 14,000!  Way to go Westgate!

5th Grade Track Meet

The 5th grade track meet will be hosted at South Middle School on Thursday May 14th from 4-6pm.  Events run will be the 50,100,200, relay and mile run.  I know this is the Cubs patrol day, but...if you are not attending the game please try and make it out for this REALLY FUN time!!  There is no rain date in case of bad weather.
See everyone there!
Coach K

It's Track and Field time!!

With the warmer weather we will go outside to run some events from short distance runs like the 50 years dash to the mile run at the end of track.  We will also work with batons during our relay races and try making class record times!!  Fast times will be posted on the wipe board for others to try and beat by grade level.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

ABC-25 5K/1 mile fun run

Saturday morning I went to help out the ABC/25 Just move it challenge and I very glad to see so many WESTGATE families there!!!  Check out the pic below, we even had the front row filled with Westgate kids!!

South Vs. Thomas B-ball

Last Friday South Middle School played Thomas Middle school in a Charity basketball game.  Each team was made up of teachers from the respective schools plus a guest or two like Officer Veenstra.
Many Westgate students and staff made the game!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Volleyball Time!!
Kids are working on volleyball this week (and perhaps next if the weather continues to be poor.)
We are working on serving, bumping, and setting.  To allow more time to react to the ball, we use beach balls and trainer volleyballs (larger and softer.)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gymnastics pics...

Climbing the wall
Electricity abound in Gymnastics

Flipping over the Vault

Hitting the Beam for some serious balance work

Who can make it half-way up the rope?