Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The "New" Gym

We are now calling the gym:

"Synergy Stadium"

To help kids identify, relate, and USE the 7 habits!!

Big Base!!

Mr. Helmann delivers a perfect pitch (too bad he can't sing with it) in Big base kickball.  Kids kick the oversized, lightweight kickball to run as many bases as possible.  You CAN score ore than one home run after batting...so scores really start to climb!

Treasure hunt...

Last week kids played a HUGE game of memory by playing "Treasure Hunt."  Pirates search under the cones for "treasure" like beanbags, jacks, wooden eggs, clap sticks, tennis balls and clickers.  If they need the treasure they bring it back to their ship...if they don't need it, they place it back AND try to memorize where it is.  The teams that worked together and synergized to be the first pirate team to collect the specific treasure items!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Skills testing

This week we are working on some of our skills tests like line jump, pushup, sirup, jump rope and pacer test.  Kids will be recording scores and trying to beat personal bests.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

grabbing the skull!!

Lucky Duck gets the Crystal skull!!

Indiana Jones Part 3

So working on Lava pits, Hula hoops, Mat caves, Jump rope snakes, beach ball "rocks", and crystal skulls!!!  We are playing Indiana Jones Part 3 - The Crystal Skull!!
Kids navigate an obstacle course as quickly as they can to get the skull and return with it...if so, they earn a point for their team.  The other kids in class play "traps" and try to get Indy out.  After 4 minutes we switch player/trapper.  Some pics below:
Hula hoops
"Mat cave"
Rocks!!  Look out!