Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mile run!!

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are running the mile in PE class.  Younger kids run 3/5 of a mile, so check you kids hands to see their times.  I use dry erase markers so it washes off easily!!
ALSO, Dr. Bein stopped by to RUN with Mr. Tombs class!!  She also talked about how she is getting better and doing practice runs to build up her endurance.  How cool!

Running the 100

100 yards, or 300 feet can be taxing on our "fast" try to blast as quickly as they can the length of a football field while trying NOT to run out for fuel.  On the second run, students are expected to pair up with someone with a time close to theirs.  Many kids improved!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Student Run Assembly

We had a nice Student Assembly on Wednesday the 30th.  The students talked to all of Westgate about proper manners during an assembly.  Way to go!!

Meadows Football Game

The kids had a blast running out of the Mustang tunnel on Friday night!  The players were great, giving all the Westgate kids a high five!  The football players also came to Westgate to read to the classrooms.  Awesome job!

Track and Field

For the next few weeks kids will be working on Track events (as we have no Field equipment.)  Kids will woe to improve their 50, 100, relay and mile times.  We will most likely have a Mile day after school for kids to try and improve their time if they want.  Keep posted for the actual date and time!  Top 2 boys and girls get their names on the board in the gym.  Most improved so far is almost 3 seconds faster from the first run to their final run!!  Way to go!!
Coach K

Soccer - Eye + Foot Coord

So we started playing "soccer games" like pin knockdown using dodge balls and soccer outside.  Kids were working on not using their hands AND using both sides of the body - Left and Right.  I am working mostly on my left side as I favored my right side all the time.

The Frost Wizards...

O.k. so I took a spin off the regular "freeze tag" game and developed "Frost Wizards" - Same thing with a story to go with it...for some reason kids love it and can't get enough!!

Disc Golf Helpers!!!

While working with the younger classes, some PROACTIVE Leaders asked if they could come over during their recess time to help the kids out!!!  Way to go, What a WIN WIN!

Disc Golf

Well in early September we were working on DISC golf (can't say frisbee because it is patented).  Kids learn "how" a disc works, how "less is better" (when shooting to get it in the basket) and about taking turns.  We also learned how to try and keep the disc parallel to the ground and approximate distances.  Many students had a "hole in one" and got their names on the wipe board in the gym.

Look who I found...

So while going to school one morning, I was walking with my kids to get in the car.  I heard some whimpering and something like a squirrel?  My daughter said to find out what it was, so I opened up the dumpster and "HELLO GUYS!"  I am finding 6 baby raccoons who went dumpster diving and couldn't get out.  So, I got a long piece of wood and all climbed to safety.

Class photos

Each year I take a class photo to post on the wall of fame...check out a few "silly ones."  Stop by the gym to see all the classes posted!

Gym Shoes PLEASE!!

With the start of each year, we have a lot of foot related injuries and most come from "fancy footwear" like heels, sandals, crocks, etc.  If you child is wearing fancy shoes please pack some gym shoes in their bag for either recess or PE class.  Everyday (weather permitting) kids will have some physical activity time outdoors and proper footwear keeps our kids safe!!
Thanks for being Proactive (habit number one)!!
Coach K