Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lets keep active!!!

As summer rolls around, remember to keep active, get outside and exercise!!!
Try something new, a new sport, new hobby?  Give it a try and see how things go.
Keep reading and writing over summer.  I practice with my son all the time!
Just because we are on "break" from school doesn't mean you are on a break from learning!
Have a Fun, Safe, Active summer!!!
Coach K

Field Day

We did it, and in style!!
FINALLY got some decent weather and pulled off a good field day.
I would like to thank ALL of the parent volunteers who helped make this day possible for the kids.  I would also like to thank food service for being able to make 2 BUSY lunch schedules instead of the usual 3.  I would also like to thank Dawn Dalton for creating the signup genius...3 TIMES and for all of her help on Field Day!
Thanks to all of your help the kids had a great time!
Coach K